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miss_georgia [userpic]
by miss_georgia (miss_georgia)
at October 8th, 2007 (12:34 pm)

current mood: curious

I haven't been here for awhile. I almost forgot about this place.

Where is everyone?

Any suggestions? Should I change this to friends only? Would you feel more comfortable if I did?


Posted by: tyciol (tyciol)
Posted at: October 9th, 2007 04:37 am (UTC)

Ah, I joined a lot of communities on related topics, so I guess I didn't see the membercount. Nonetheless that is no reason for a community to be inactive. I don't really care if its friendsonly or not, that's up to you.

Hm, well I am not a virgin due to waiting for marriage, it is not a prerequisite for me, it is just I have not really been in any relationships I have felt were properly connected to lead to that level of intimacy. I think in many cases people just skip to it and miss out on subtler forms of intimacy often done unappreciatively as to make a woman want the final one.

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